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Beautify your sales by creating a beautiful online store for makeup and cosmetic products.

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Build An Online Store to Sell Makeup and Cosmetics Products

The cosmetics industry is evolving with trends and consumer behavior. Buying habits are changing, and people are enjoying the right to access trends, looks, content, and experiences online.

Due to the emergence of readymade cosmetics app, one of the many trends – customized cosmetics, has been catching the eyes of many customers. Since consumers are looking for a fully interactive experience with their cosmetics brands, many entrepreneurs and big brands are now focusing more on building an online store for cosmetics in order to provide an experience-based model to the beauty lovers.


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    Yew Back Office – The control is in your hands

    With a full-fledged and easy to use back office, you can easily manage the look and feel of your app and website as well as other features of admin app and customers’ app. It helps you to maintain brand image and provide less dependency on techies and developers.

    Yewkart Admin – Be on the Move Always

    Admin app gives you instant notifications and updates about any new order, delivery and unfulfilled orders. This keeps you spontaneous with customers, sales and order management.


    Product Management

    An essential feature of the cosmetics app and website which allows you to grab a crystal clear understanding of how to build and manage all your products. It also helps you in communicating internally and externally while assisting in making informed business decisions.

    Order Management and Reports

    Order management and reports provides you with an organized tool to boost productivity and streamline your business. This helps in managing customers, overseeing orders, monitoring inventory, increasing sales and much more.

    Discounts, Coupons and Special Offers

    Great ways of rewarding your customers with incentives that help promote sale on your cosmetics website and app. Create the best deals for the customers through an easy to use function. Who can resist a good shopping deal, right?

    Push Notification

    Push notifications allow you to get in touch with your customers in real-time, informing them about discounts, special offers, best deals and other announcements that help in bringing them back to your online store increasing your conversions.

    Accept Online Payment

    Accept online payment to deliver the simplest and most efficient payment method for your online solution. A range of options from debit card, credit card and net banking made for a hassle-free experience especially for the customers.

    Cash on Delivery (COD)

    Cash on delivery (COD) payment method is known to increase orders considerably. Even with online stores many customers tend to prefer having a tactile contact before making a purchase. COD allows you to offer this brick and mortar experience to achieve a wider reach while gaining the trust of new customers.

    Cash on Delivery (COD)

    Social media sharing feature provides your business with an instant opportunity for large scale visibility. It’s the perfect way to promote your cosmetics business while attracting new customers to your app and website.

    DIY (Design IT Yourself)

    The most trending way to promote your apparel and fashion app and website as the entire target audience is present on the social sites thereby increasing the visibility and networking. A unique social media campaign can create a strong brand image.

    Pickup Scheduling

    Allow your customers to collect their order as per their convenience and even they can re-check the products they have shopped for.

    Custom Checkout

    Configure as many fields as you want and collect the additional information required from your customers at the time of checkout.

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