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The medical and health care is one of the fastest growing industries. With the increase in number of pharmacies across street, it has become a challenge for them to compete. The only way they can stand apart from each other is in terms of services as they can’t alter medicines they offer.

Therefore, stand apart from other medical stores by going online with – an ecommerce solution provider and sell medicines online channel with website, app and web app to make medicines fast accessible to your customers/ patients.


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    Yew Back Office – The control is in your hands

    With a full-fledged and easy to use back office, you can easily manage the look and feel of your app and website as well as other features of admin app and customers’ app. It helps you to maintain brand image and provide less dependency on techies and developers.

    Yewkart Admin – Be on the Move Always

    Admin app gives you instant notifications and updates about any new order, delivery and unfulfilled orders. This keeps you spontaneous with customers, sales and order management.

    Online Merchandising

    Display your entire product range on your app & website unlike traditional form which stimulates the interest of customers and makes their purchasing decision easier.

    Order Management

    Take orders from the customers and simplify your task in terms of managing orders and inventory and also keep track of orders across channels.

    Product Management

    It gives the entire roadmap of the product right from product forecasting to marketing and managing the entire product range.

    Advanced Push Notification

    Raise alarm to customers about the latest offers, discounts and deals to increase engagement as well as conversion ratio.

    Discounts, Coupons and Special Offers

    Increase the traffic on your fashion app & website and promote sale with the exclusive offers. If used strategically, can drive revenue to a greater extent and can also increase the loyal customers.

    Accept Online Payment

    Receive payments through series of payment methods such as credit card, debit card and net banking in a secured manner.

    Cash on Delivery (COD)

    The most preferred option which allows making payment after the delivery of the product. This directly or indirectly leads to the increase in number of orders or purchase ration.

    Social Media Sharing

    The most trending way to promote your apparel and fashion app and website as the entire target audience is present on the social sites thereby increasing the visibility and networking. A unique social media campaign can create a strong brand image.

    Product Reviews

    A must have feature similar to Word of Mouth for traditional purchases format, Reviews nowadays has more value when it comes to online shopping as more than half of the purchases are through the positive reviews.

    DIY (Design It Yourself)

    Position your brand in the mind of customers as you wish to by giving your special touch. It fulfils your branding aids and provides the platform to show your uniqueness.

    Shipping Management

    It allows you to either ship with your in-house team or outsource the shipping services with integrated ship providers.

    Deep link

    Deep link redirects the customer to a product, a category, a form or a content page of the app or website.This link can be promoted on various social media, print media integrating it with QR code and many other ways.

    Yewkart Back Office – The control is in your hands

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